About Us

Property Management is the means by which you turn investment real estate into money. Property management is not just leasing a property to a renter and walking away. It is not just collecting a rent check every month.

Management is the daily maintenance of the tenant-landlord relationship. This includes communication, property maintenance, periodic inspections, repairs and even improvements. Rental property requires diligent care.

What we do is time-consuming, exhausting and potentially litigious. We have developed management techniques and systems that help our clients and ourselves to avoid needless liabilities and hassles.

Our staff handles volleys of phone calls, leasing and sales appointments, and tenant requests for information, late night emergency calls, rent collection, evictions, work orders, maintenance, contractors, city, county and other government entities. licensing, inspections, fire marshals, advertising, trash collection, housing authority, lawyers, peddlers, agents, cable guys, phone companies, gas and other utilities, insurance claims, the EPA, storm damage, etc. etc. etc. So you don't have to.

Our Goals

  • Lower expenses
  • Improve the maintenance of amenities
  • Improve financial reporting
  • Improve resident’s confidence in board and management company
  • Market the property
  • Tour the property with potential tenants
  • Screen tenants
  • Lease agreement with tenants
  • Move in and move out walk-through
  • Direct point of contact with tenants
  • Send investors a monthly statement and check from property when occupied

Our Team

Paul Wickham
Paul L Wickham holds a Bachelor of Science Business Degree from Wayne State College, Post Graduate work in Business and Computer technology from the University of South Dakota, Project Management Courses from Washington University St Louis, MO. Paul has enjoyed a successful and diverse career; the first ten years of his career he was self-employed where he purchased and managed multi-family units built homes and owned a drayage company in Baltimore MD.

During the next 22 years he worked for Fortune 500 companies and 6 years for Perishable Transportation Companies where he held such positions as Director of Distribution, Vice President, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Executive Vice President. He was responsible for financial performance of budgets up to $160 million. These positions included managing the transportation and distribution of raw materials and finished goods. The responsibility of these positions encompassed the management, leasing, purchase or construction of offices and distribution facilities.

Paul is a licensed Real Estate Professional.

Nicole Moore
Kelsey Cardiff